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The EMIS is a system that will empower your staff to effectively manage Health and Water permitting and inspections processes. This powerful, user friendly application suite provides the tools they need to Permit a company, Conduct Inspections and audits, Automatically Bill clients and effectively report to internal and external stakeholders. The EMIS system is designed with scalability in mind and can therefore be readily deployed at a single facility or across multiple sites. The system allows for clients to capture pre-applications directly on the system via the Web. Further the application is highly configurable as it was designed to accommodate all ranks of staff ranging from clerks to Managers. EMIS saves time, reduces costs, limits liability, and improves decision-making capabilities across the enterprise - all with one comprehensive solution.




The permitting process commences with the client completing an application for a permit on the web. The Health application is screened by the clerk and thereafter processed by the Environmental Health Manager and Environmental Health Practitioner. The Water application is screened by the clerk and then processed by the Pollution officer and Chief Pollution Officers.



The inspections are automatically scheduled using a load balancing process to ensure the inspections are distributed evenly throughout the year. The system allows for adhoc inspections for accurate record and communication.



The EMIS system has features to set up an audit team and to capture details of an audit.



The billing process commences from the permit stage and continues throughout the permit life span. This module maintains all record of charges levied to the client. The system imports water consumptions, performs calculations and exports charges to a billing system. With all the records and controls in place this system is designed to generate huge amounts of income for your municipality.



Reports are generated for the business process, management and the client.

Features and Benefits of Environmental Management Information System

  • The system ensures a simple common business process is used across all levels.
  • Management will have access to real time information
  • Each module has its own workspace that is used to display the permit applications that requires action by a specific person
  • By using EMIS the business process eliminates duplicate/inaccurate data entry and inefficient use of human resources.
  • The system supports a wide range of reporting options, and automates the creation of internal and regulatory compliance reports by the use of common office word templates
  • Harpan offers a broad-range of configuration and deployment options designed to grow with your needs, ranging from externally hosted (Internet/ASP) solutions to internally hosted (Intranet) configurations hosted on single, multi-processor or clustered servers.
  • The system is simple to configure and administer, enabling the creation of new user accounts and permission profiles
  • Although the EMIS system is written primarily for both the departments of Heath and Water it also allows for communication for the external departments’ viz. Fire and emergency, Planning and Water
  • LIMS – Interface to permit and billing modules.
  • The system allows emails to be sent out to external departments informing them to review the permit applications