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Track and Trace Call Logging System

A call logging system has been created called Track and Trace. TNT is designed especially for our clients, so that both the client and Harpan can monitor queries sent to our office.

When a call is logged on the system, an email is sent to the client and the support staff at Harpan. Our staff then assigns the call to the appropriate consultant. The consultant would be responsible for the call and updates the log regularly. Emails are sent out for each update on the system informing the client of the status. This will eliminate the need for the client to monitor the system continuously.

This system will also be used for new requests and enhancements on existing systems.

TNT provides for a more effective and efficient record and service delivery of client requests. The support consultants and operations manager will monitor the system and escalate any issues when the need arises.

TNT is extremely user friendly so anyone with minimal IT knowledge would be able to use it.

Below are screen shots of how to capture a call: