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Electronic Tender Management

Harpan is a software development company that has researched the tender management process and has adopted international best practice in its design. A comprehensive analysis of your procurement process will be carried out prior to a system being proposed and implemented. This will ensure that a system is designed and implemented around your business process to ensure maximum benefit with minimum interruption usually caused by change management. The software designed will automate and streamline the end-to-end process commencing with the needs analysis to project completion. It will provide a comprehensive system that adds value to your existing business processes. Several techniques and strategies are employed to curb corruption and ensure a cleaner process for the future. The key benefits of implementing such a system are curb corruption, process management, electronic document management, and enhanced communication. Because Harpan has designed the system we are in a position to interface to legacy / propriety / customised systems eg. SAP, AccPac etc.

Needs assessment demand


Features of product

  • Analyse needs
  • Assess whether they are required at this time
  • Can this need be satisfied by reducing losses and increasing performance
  • Is the extent of service needed in the foreseeable future

Bid preparation

  • Compliance with procurement process
  • Verification of requests for similar goods and services
  • Ensure all contracting adhere to a common business process
  • Provision of adequate evaluation criteria for contractors’ qualify of performance
  • Issue of global / national notice
  • Adequate planning
  • Specification of pre-qualifications requirements
  • Provision of document management

Contractor Selection and Awarding

  • Transparency of the evaluation team
  • Transparency of technical expertise of evaluation committee
  • Communication to bidders of the process
  • Complaints management
  • Online document management
  • Ensure a common business process is followed by all according to the schedule
  • Record of all tenders and awardees
  • Subcontracting and variations
  • Comparison of:
  • estimates and bid amounts
  • bid documents with predefined criteria to find similarities
  • bid amounts across tenders

Project Implementation

  • Change management
  • Online progress reports
  • Reports from accredited agencies / professional bodies on goods and services provided with appropriate ratings
  • Tracking of
  • Delivery of goods or services
  • Comparison to tender
  • Payments

Project Accountability and Audit

  • Online facility for whistle blowers
  • Online audit report
  • Communication to relevant stake holders
  • Comparison of payments with expenditure
  • Interface to other legacy / propriety / customised systems e.g. SAP, AccPac etc
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Increased efficiency
  • Standardised simple business process
  • Defined procedures to ensure compliance
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Public access to information
  • Project management with visual alerts
  • Risk management
  • Curb corruption
  • Cost savings
  • Minimizing risk and maximizing the impact of the tender